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Selected works of Dr. Jean Durlach, President of the International Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium (SDRM), and Editor-in Chief of Magnesium Research

This is the Home Page of Dr. Jean Durlach, donated as a public service by Paul Mason. Dr. Durlach is one of the world's foremost magnesium researchers and reviewers. For an overview of magnesium, Dr. Durlach suggests you read his monograph: Magnesium in clinical practice. John Libbey, London 1988, 360 pp. There three excerpts available here:

This article (number 22) is particularly interesting:

Magnesium level in drinking water: its importance in cardiovascular risk.

You can also read the following articles:

1. Magnesium and therapeutics.

2. Red blood cell magnesium concentrations : analytical problems and significance.

3. Editorial policy of Magnesium Research: general considerations on the quality criteria for biomedical papers and some complementary guidelines for the the contributors of Magnesium Research.

4. Comparative effects of MgCl2 and MgSO4 on the ionic transfer components through the isolated human amniotic membrane.

5. Present and Future of magnesium research.

6. Magnesium and ageing. II. Clinical data: aetiological mechanisms and pathophysiological consequences of magnesium deficit in the elderly.

7. Commentary on recent clinical advances: death from infancy to older age and marginal maternal magnesium deficiency. How long should the follow-up of the consequences of undernutrition in pregnancy be continued?

8. Effect of acute magnesium deficiency on the masking and unmasking of the proton channel of the uncoupling protein in rat brown fat.

9. Regulation of sodium and potassium pathways by magnesium in cell membranes.

10. Audiogenic seizures in magnesium-deficient mice: effects of magnesium pyrrolidone-2-carboxylate, magnesium acetyltaurinate, magnesium chloride and vitamin B-6.

11. Dietary magnesium affects susceptibility of lipoproteins and tissues to peroxidation in rats.

12. Magnesium and blood pressure. II. Clinical studies.

13. Magnesium and cardiovascular system. II. Clinical data. A critical review.

14. Regional distribution of magnesium in the cerebral tissues in normal and magnesium deficient rat

15. Magnesium and thermoregulation. I. Newborn and infant. Is sudden infant death syndrome a magnesium-dependent disease of the transition from chemical to physical thermoregulation?

16. Mg depletion and Alzheimer's disease.

17. Magnesium and its relationship to oncology.


18. New experimental and clinical data on the relationship between magnesium and sport.

19. Historical review of the effects of marginal intake of magnesium in chronic experimental magnesium deficiency.

20. A qualitative theory of the screening-binding effects of magnesium salts on epithelial cell membranes: a new hypothesis.

21. Recommended dietary amounts of magnesium: Mg RDA.

22. Magnesium level in drinking water: its importance in cardiovascular risk.

23. --

24. Magnesium and the cardiovascular system; I: New experimental data on magnesium and lipoproteins.

25. Diverse Applications of Magnesium Therapy.

26. Nuclear microanalysis of the monovalent ion distribution in the human amnion. I. Effect of magnesium.

27. Commentary on recent clinical advances: Magnesium depletion, magnesium deficiency and asthma.

28. Commentary on recent epidemiological and clinical advances

29. Contribution to the physiology of the human placental vessels: effects of Mg2+ on membrane potential of smooth muscle cell vessels.

30. Mechanisms of Action on the Nervous System in Magnesium Deficiency and Dementia.

33. Neurotic, neuromuscular and autonomic nervous form of magnesium imbalance

Abstracts only of ALL the above articles

All articles by Dr. Durlach are copyrighted, and permission is granted to Web users only to make single hard copies for personal use. Additional reprints should be obtained from the originating journals. Excerpts may be used by the media with attribution to Dr. Durlach.

This page was first uploaded to The Magnesium Web Site on April 17, 1996